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Sewing Machine Must Haves

Have you recently purchased or recieved a sewing machine, but not sure what you need to get started?

Well we are here to help you, in this post you will find everything you need to get you started on your first sewing adventure!

There are so many different tools available to sewers, almost too many, that beginners can become overwhelmed, what do I need? What do I not need?

We have put together a must have list, which will help you get all the bits you will need to get started on your new project!

What you will need!

1. Stitch Ripper

This will be your best friend, any time you make any mistakes this little tool will help you undo the threads. They come in a range of colours and are available in small and medium.

2. Machine Needles

There are many different sewing needles available, from stretch needles, jeans needle and leather needles. For a beginner we just recommend a pack of universal needles in case of any breakages. Your sewing machine should have instructions on how to remove and replace your needle.

3. Pins

Pins are a definite must have, they will make life so much easier when sewing up your fabrics. Like sewing machine needles, there are many different kind of pins, from lace pins to extra strong to extra long. Starting out you will just need some regular household pins.

4. Machine Oil

Most machines will come with a small bottle of oil to keep your machine oiled up, but you can also buy little bottles to stay stocked up. It is important to keep the machine oiled to ensure it works properly and quitely!

5. Learn To Sew Book

There are loads of learn to sew books out there, but this book is filled with illustrations on how to use a sewing machine. If you don’t find the book helpful you could always join a learn to sew course here at the crafty fox and bring your machine along!

6. Sewing Box

Sewing boxes are the best storage solution for all your sewing bits and pieces. There are plently of sizes to choose from, as well as different colours and prints. They are great for keeping everything together in one place, as well as looking pretty on display! Check out our range of sewing boxes here at The Crafty Fox.

7. Sewing Thread

Like machine needles there are so many threads to choose from, you have your top stitch, quilting, embroidery and many more, but as a beginner all you need is regular sew all thread. You might also need some top stitching threads, these are a thicker version of regular thread which are used to top stitch on the outside on material, like the gold stitching on your jeans!

8. Measuring Tape

These will definitely come in handy with any project, now you can get all kind of styles, from a simple black and white tape to a rose gold retractable tape!

9. Scissors

Like most things scissors range in size and price, but it all depends on what you want them for. A good pair of fabric scissors like the Fiskars will cost you €35.95, but they are very long lasting! If you are only starting off a simple pair of fabric scissors will do, just make sure not to use them to cut paper. A little tip would be to tie a strip of fabric to the handle of the scissors, this way you will know they are your fabric ones!

We have made a little check list for you to save and print, to help you shop for all you need!

We Hope you found this blog post helpful!

Stay Crafty!


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