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The myriad uses of Granny's Apron

The principal use of Granny's Apron was to protect her dress underneath, because she only had a few. It was easier to wash the apron than the dresses and they used less material to make, but along with that, it also served as a ready-to-hand potholder for removing hot dishes from the oven, and so much more:


When visitors drove up the drive unexpected, that apron would dust 'til the place was perfected.

A hankie for drying up grandchildren's tears, and cleaning out filth from their small grubby ears.

A curtain for me, and a grand hiding place, from the strange inquisitions of a stranger's gaze.

A hammock for gathering of apples by the dozen, baked into pies in her warm Aga oven.

From carrying peas from the plot by the sack to be shelled, before carrying the empty hulls back,

to carrying eggs, fuzzy fledglings, those half-hatched which onto the warm stove were quickly despatched,

whose heat was maintained by kindling, chipped, and basketed á la apron whilst the cold outside whipped

at my Granny, who's brow was always perspiring, whether hot, warm or cold; whether winter or spring.

Til come end of day when we'd eaten our fill, the apron would take on another job still

as with life-weary bones and energy spent, she wrapped me all up in her Granny Apron scent.


And what use now, the Apron, in this age when Granny's granddaughters set their apple pies on the window sill, not to cool, but to thaw? Where students in white coats calculate how many germs lived on that apron? The Apron she spent her many, many, many years in.

Times may have changed, but it will be a long time before someone invents something that will replace Granny's multi-purpose Apron.

Top Tip:

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